Craving for Fried Oreos

Who doesn’t love Oreo? Come on, I have never met a person who doesn’t eat it. It is America’s Favorite Cookie but even if I am not American it is actually one of my favorite sandwich cookies (aside from the local Presto Creams). I enjoy eating it with milk the twist-lick-dunk way, as a cheesecake, as a sponge cake, as a pie and as a beverage. But who would have thought that aside from these, it could be fried?

I learned this recipe from my cousin, which I don’t know where she got. It is really easy and very simple to make. I just don’t recommend this to people who are health conscious because it is deep fried. Although a small amount or a piece won’t hurt if you want to try.

You only need a 250-gram pancake mix, water, egg (you may also use a one-step pancake mix), oil and 2 packages of Oreos.

First, you need to prepare the batter according to pancake mix instruction. However, you have to lessen the water. For the mix that I use, it calls for 3/4 cup of water. I only use 1/2 cup to thicken the batter. That makes it easier to cover the cookie sandwich.

Second, heat the oil, amount enough to deep fry the Oreos. Coat them and deep fry them in a deep fryer (if you have one at home) or a cooking pot until golden brown on both sides. Drain excess oil and place in paper towel to drain more.

Now, these are my Fried Oreos!

Fried Oreo

fried oreo

Perfect for snack and dessert! Everyone in our family loves this including my mother (who doesn’t like sweets that much).  Make sure before you serve the plate of Fried Oreos, you already kept a piece or two (or make it three) for yourself.

Nabisco, maker of Oreo, has its own version of Fried Oreos called “Oreo Doughnuts“. There are the ingredients and step if you want to prepare the batter from scratch. A nutrition information is also available on that page. If you want to try other Oreo recipes, click here.

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